The Prut System

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The information found in this category, and the subcategories within are found on a data-slate handed to you by your Inquisitor. It is up to you how much your character reads, understands or bothers to remember.

Over the millennia several attempts have been made by the Imperium to colonise the Prut system. All of these attempts have met with abject failure for a variety of mysterious reasons. The last attempt 400 years ago, the most habitable seeming planet of the Prut system, Prut IV was settled by Yamatai colonists. These colonists seemed to thrive for a generation before suddenly disappearing. Communications ceased overnight and ships sent to investigate returned to Imperial space with no information. The Prut system had gone dark, no trace of the colonists could be found and terrible storms prevented the rescue ships from making landings and investigating fully.

What is known is that there are five planets:

Prut: A large orange star giving off light and energy that often fluctuates wildly. Scans have shown that the star is weaker and colder than it should be given its size and age. Prut I: A small planet with an incredibly thick atmosphere. Scans of the planet by colonists failed to penetrate the atmosphere for unknown reasons. What lies on the surface is completely unknown. Prut I has a single moon which resembles a captured asteroid. This moon is unnamed and roughly rectangular in shape, consisting of carbon and water ice. Prut II: A large planet devoid of any traces of atmosphere. Scans indicated that it was extremely radioactive and pockmarked with huge craters. This planet is orbited by a ring of shattered rocks, possibly the remnants of a moon. Prut III: A small planet totally covered in forest. Small groups of colonists have been sent to this planet on each attempt to tame the Prut system. These colonists each reported being attacked by local wildlife of a reptilian nature. Despite each attempt at colonising this planet being more heavily armed than the last there has been no group surviving longer than a month. Prut III has two barren moons with limited atmosphere. Scans have revealed plenty of useful metals but due to the failure of each colony these have not been exploited. Prut IV: A large planet with an atmosphere and gravity almost identical to that of Terra. As the most logical place for a large colony it has been the prime target for every attempt at settlement. Unfortunately none of these attempts has been successful. Prut IV has one small moon with a methane atmosphere. This moon is too cold for settlement. Prut V: An enormous gas giant. Scans have failed to penetrate its atmosphere and probes sent to the planet have all been mysteriously destroyed before making landfall. It is unknown if this planet has any moons.