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The information found in this category, and the subcategories within are found on a data-slate handed to you by your Inquisitor. It is up to you how much your character reads, understands or bothers to remember.

Yamatai is a small planet consisting mostly of ocean. A single small continent is the sole habitable landmass, with the entire human population crammed tightly together there.

The people of Yamatai are heirs to an ancient human culture, supposedly dating back to the Golden Age of Technology when humankind first traversed the stars.

Located on the far edge of the Segmentum Tempestus, bordering the Veiled Region, Yamatai is difficult to get to and as such the population has remained remarkably homogeneous throughout its long history.

The people of Yamatai are almost universally short and robust, with pale, yellowish skin and almond shaped eyes. These genetic traits are claimed to show descent from the ancient Terran ethnic-clan known as the Nipponiks, though the tens of thousands of years since these people purportedly existed render this story more one of folklore and mythology than historic fact.

The one continent on Yamatai is known as Ryku and is host to the vast majority of the planet’s 4 billion inhabitants.

Ryku is mountainous, with agricultural land sparse and in high demand. Several cities sprawl across the continent, each home to a nation-clan.

These clans wage constant war with one another, battling over the few scraps of arable land.

Each nation-clan swears nominal loyalty to the regnal-clan Hirohimash, seated in the largely empty ‘Jade City’ of Katuya. Regnal-clan Hirohimash in turn swear loyalty to the Imperium, known on Yamatai as the Imperial-clan.

The Imperium first discovered Yamatai shortly after the end of the Horus Heresy. A Mechanicum explorator fleet, searching the galaxy for resources to exploit, stumbled upon Yamatai.

The Mechanicum settled a mineral-rich planet nearby, turning it into the Forgeworld Centrix-Ferris 0023.

Finding Yamatai the Mechanicum reported its existence to the Imperium, who soon sent missionaries of the Ecclesiarchy to determine if the people were worth welcoming into the Imperial fold.

Finding a planet of hardy, warlike folk swearing allegiance to a regnal-clan, worshipping a sun god and armed solely with primitive blackpowder weapons, bows & arrows and cold steel the missionaries believed it to be a worthwhile and easy task to annex Yamatai.

Unfortunately, this was not the case and the people of Yamatai resisted fiercely.

The first missionaries were slaughtered.

In response the Imperium landed a veteran regiment of mechanised Astra Militarum Guardsmen (the XXII Angelin Retainers), who swiftly destroyed the Yamatai army raised to face it.

The Angelin Retainers were allowed to settle Yamatai, becoming the planet’s first permanent non-native inhabitants and the core of its original Planetary Defence Force.

With organised resistance crushed the people of Yamatai quickly adapted to their new overlords. The Ecclesiarchy had great success turning the local sun-worship into an acceptable form of reverence for the Emperor-as-Sun-God.

Thousands of years later and Yamatai is now entirely compliant, with barely a trace of dissidence or dissent.

The Imperium barely impacts Yamatai, with only the Ecclesiarchy and Adeptus Arbites being present as ‘foreign’ forces.

Yamatai’s Planetary Defence Force echoes the ethos of the original Angelin Retainers regiment, placing great faith in heavy infantry and high technology. Locally the PDF are known as the Regnal Ashigaro.

The people of Yamatai consider it a great honour to be tithed to the Astra Miltarum, and regiments calling the planet home are known as the Most Loyal Yamatai Ashigaro.

This unusual name was earned during the infamous Purging of Gal campaign. The Yamatai Ashigaro were the sole Imperial troops to remain loyal on the planet Gal III after the heretical demagogue Trew Crom (‘the Liberator’) turned more than a dozen Astra Militarum regiments against their commanders. The Yamatai Ashigaro steadfastly refused to abandon the Imperium and instead waged a guerrilla war against the rebel forces. After months of such warfare the rebels had the surviving Yamatai Ashigaro surrounded and moved in to crush them once and for all when space marines of the Sons of Avalon Chapter landed and annihilated the rebels.

Surveying the few battered Yamatai Ashigaro survivors Captain Merdreut of the Sons of Avalon declared them “The most loyal men and women I have yet had the honour of seeing.”

The warlike nature of the people of Yamatai has not changed since the Imperium took over. The various nation-clans still wage perpetual war against each other and this is in fact encouraged by the Imperial authorities.

The nation-clans wage war primarily using a professional warrior class, known as Shamuri. These Shamuri warriors wear thick ballistic armour and wield antique monomolecular blades, also taking great pride in their marksmanship with old fashioned laslocks. The Shamuri take their honour very seriously and make up the bulk of the Regnal and Most Loyal Yamatai Ashigaro officer class.

Each nation-clan can also raise their local levy, equipping them with simple flak armour, mag-pikes and autorifles.

This gives Yamatai a body of armed, trained and willing soldiery far and above the numbers and quality expected during an emergency. This martial society and ethos has been put to the test several times against ork pirates, eldar raiders and other menaces, each time proving its effectiveness beyond a doubt.

One peculiarity of Yamatai’s population is the high percentage of psykers born there. While the percentage of psykers falls within acceptable limits it is higher than expected.

No known cause can be found, though the Inquisition watch Yamatai closely, ready to pluck promising psykers for their own use or to purge the planet if necessary…

Yamatai itself lies in a system of just 3 planets orbiting the star Oryent, each with a single moon:

Oryent itself is a small, blue star, burning fairly cold. Catay is the first planet in the system and is an uninhabited gas giant orbited by the tiny iron-rich moon of Tehwen. Yamatai sends volunteer miners to Tehwen to exploit the iron ore found there. Yamatai is the second planet, orbited by the moon Ainu. Ainu is a penal mining colony, where Yamatai’s worst criminals are banished and worked to death. The third and final planet is named K’ra and is orbited by the ice-moon Jung. K’ra is a jungle planet, teeming with animal and plant life specially evolved to cope with its poisonous methane atmosphere. No humans dwell on K’ra, and it has gained something of a dark reputation among the people of Yamatai who consider it’s a cursed world.