The Dragon’s Triangle Sector

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The information found in this category, and the subcategories within are found on a data-slate handed to you by your Inquisitor. It is up to you how much your character reads, understands or bothers to remember.

The Oryent System lies at the ‘top’ of a region of space known as the Dragon’s Triangle. The bottom points of this ‘triangle’ are the Adeptus Mechanicus forgeworld of Centrix-Ferris 0023 in the Centrix-Ferrus system and the mysterious Prut system.

The Centrix-Ferrus System is owned entirely by the Adeptus Mechanicum and is exploited heavily. The forgeworld of Centrix-Ferrus 0023 is the 23rd planet in the system, and the only planet with a notable population.

The Prut System is barely explored and very little is known of it.

What little is known is that many Imperial colonists have disappeared attempting to settle this system.

The Dragon’s Triangle is a region of space dreaded by Imperial ship captains. Many ships are lost in this region, either due to terrible accidents, pirate activity or due to unknown reasons. In particular, eldar corsairs haunt the void, mounting lightning fast raids on Imperial shipping and performing hideous tortures on any crew unfortunate enough to be caught.

Warp travel through the Dragon’s Triangle is also known to be more dangerous than usual, to the extent that many Navigators will take their ships the long way around the region rather than risk travelling directly through it.

All this has led Yamatai to be rarely visited by the Imperium, leaving its people to become somewhat insular and reserved.

Equally, the Techpriests of the Centrix-Ferrus system have grown apart from Adeptus Mechanicus orthodoxy and have earned themselves a reputation for eccentricity.