The Centrix-Ferrus System

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The information found in this category, and the subcategories within are found on a data-slate handed to you by your Inquisitor. It is up to you how much your character reads, understands or bothers to remember.

Untold billions of thralls labour on the metal-clad forgeworld of Centrix-Ferrus 0023. The Adeptus Mechanicus own this planet and everything upon it, and treat it with their usual obsessive secretiveness.

Centrix-Ferrus 0023 specialises in the mass production of military grade medical equipment for the Imperium’s many armed forces and is home to medical schools and laboratories renowned through Imperial space. While much of the planet is given over to the production, study and development of military medical supplies and methods vast areas are also given over to the production of more mundane items, such as weapons and vehicles.

Astra Militarum medics, Sisters Hospitialliers, Inquisitorial staff and even Adeptus Astartes apothecaries are sent to Centrix-Ferrus to train under the many master Magos Biologis Techpriests there.

As such, and unusually for forgeworlds, a large proportion of the surface of Centrix-Ferrus 0023 is reserved for off-world, non-Adeptus Mechanicus visitors. A thin veneer of ‘normality’ is found in these regions, with shops, taverns and other entertainments on every corner. Unbeknownst to the visiting students the Magos Biologis often spy on these regions to study human behaviours and psychology.

Centrix-Ferrus 0023 is far from the main body of Imperial space, and is therefore difficult and costly to travel to or from.

The medical students from across the Imperium arrive intermittently, and remain for several years before leaving. They are often stranded upon Centrix-Ferrus 0023 for several years longer than intended; such is the lack of regular and reliable transport.

The Adeptus Mechanicus regard Centrix-Ferrus 0023 as something of a backwater, its sole claim to fame being the medical laboratories there. Few Adeptus Mechanicus ships travel to Centrix-Ferrus 0023, instead, every few years vast transport vessels are sent from Centrix-Ferrus to Mars, carrying the fruits of the forgeworld’s production.

Due to this isolation the tech-priests of Centrix-Ferrus 0023 have earned a reputation as being eccentric and secretive – being considered eccentric and secretive by the Imperium’s most eccentric and secretive organisation is quite a feat!

Dark rumours abound about the tech-priests of Centrix-Ferrus 0023 dabbling in tech-heresy, with a fairly persistent rumour concerning experiments on human cloning using forbidden Abominable Intelligence technology.

The Adeptus Mechanicus has investigated these rumours on more than one occasion over the last several centuries, each time finding nothing untoward. Still, the rumours have not died away.

A peculiarity about the Centrix-Ferrus system are its lack of moons. None of the planets in the system host a single moon orbiting them. This is highly unusual, especially as many of the planets show signs of once having had moons.

The other planets of the Centrix-Ferrus system are as follows:

0000 – The system’s star. A huge yellow giant. 0001 – A tiny planet, perpetually burning due to proximity to the Centrix-Ferrus star. There is no population present or possible. 0002, 0003 & 0004 – Medium sized planets, all rich in a wide variety of useful minerals and ores. A small population of servitors and tech-priests dwells on each to run the mining operations. 0005 – A huge gas giant, full of swirling clouds of flammable gases. Large automated gas gathering craft orbit this planet harvesting the flammable gases. 0006 & 0007 – Two small jungle planets teeming with animal life. These planets remain undeveloped or exploited due to the nature of the life found on them. Their natural eco systems produce an amazing variety of chemicals used by Centrix-Ferrus 0023 in their medical research. 0008 – A small barren world holding no life and few resources. A single polar research station manned by tech-priests sits on the northern pole. Being stationed here is considered a punishment by the tech-priests. 0009 – A large water world with no land above water at all. This world is inhabited by large whale-like creatures rumoured to be semi-sentient. Huge floating stations dot the planet, sucking up vast quantities of water to be purified and shipped to the menials and thralls on Centrix-Ferrus 0023 as drinking water. 0010, 0011, 0012 & 0013 – All of these large planets are empty of life and resources. Each was once inhabitable and resource rich but has since been stripped bare by the Adeptus Mechanicum. Small populations of rogue servitors roam the surfaces, scavenging on each other for spare parts. 0014 – A small ice world, frozen solid by Adeptus Mechanicus manipulation of its weather system. It is rumoured that this was to create a ready source of pure water-ice to use instead of that harvested on 0009. The rumours whisper that this experiment went wrong and the water-ice was (and still is) extremely toxic. 0015 – A medium sized ‘standard’ inhabitable world. Large pyramids can be found all over it, and scans indicate an enormous network of tunnels running under the planetary surface. The pyramids and other structures are not man made, instead showing signs of alien construction. What alien species created them is unknown as no trace, living or dead, of the makers has been found. Recently power sources have begun to appear in the tunnels, blipping for a few hours before disappearing again. These power sources have not yet been investigated. 0016, 0017, 0018, 0019 & 0020 – Each of these medium sized planets has somehow been prevented from spinning. As such each faces the system’s star on a single face, which in each case is scorched black and barren. The night sides are shrouded in impenetrable darkness and are home to several Adeptus Mechanicus research stations. Whatever stopped these planet’s spinning on their axes is unknown, but is conjectured to be artificial. 0021 – A large gas giant with the unusual distinction of being made up entirely of almost useless gases. This planet is largely ignored by the Adeptus Mechanicus. 0022 – A small planet that gives off unusual metallic readings if scanned. What lies on the planet is a secret known only to the higher echelons of the tech-priests on Centrix-Ferrus 0023. 0022 is ringed by orbital defence platforms and Adeptus Mechanicus patrol ships. Any unwanted visitors are destroyed in orbit without question. 0024 – Not a planet at all, but lying outside of 0023’s orbit. This is a space station of ancient, pre-Imperial human construction. Most of the station’s systems are offline and are unable to be restarted, despite the Adeptus Mechanicus’ best efforts. Undeterred the tech-priests have armed and shielded it with current technology and run ceaseless tests and experiments on it to reawaken it.