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The Majestis System

Majestis System, Inhabited Planets Majestis IV and VI.

System Overview.

The Majestis system has, within the last four centuries, reappeared after being obscured by the warp for nearly 3 millennium.

During this protracted isolation from the galaxy the system has gained an independent culture with some deviation from standard Ecclesiarchical thinking. Due to no contact with the Imperium, the state religion, while still venerating the Emperor, believes him to be an obscure, cold and uncaring God, happy to allow humanity to struggle with it’s own devices, coldly watching both success and failure.

Few pray to the Emperor and expect a response, offshoot cults of the system’s religious thinking, have tried bargaining with the Emperor.

They received death at the hands of the noble houses, for threatening the way of things.

Culturally speaking, the Majestis system revolves around Majestis VI, where the systems central governance takes place.

The government takes the form of a senate of noble houses, who act part like Nobles, part like Gangsters and part like Corporations.


House Elect

The House in charge is selected by rotation every 100 years, this House becomes the House Elect. The House Elect then dictates who controls which sector of the system’s government for the next 100 years.

House of the Glorious Legions

Usually the house who holds the least favour, or the House Elects closest rival will become the House in charge of the Military.

Not only do they control the Military, they fill it’s ranks of all ranks, from the trooper on the ground to the general in the bunker. As soon as the House is chosen to become the House of the Glorious Legions, then all units not engaged immediately decommission.

Before returning to the Imperial fold, this was a position of high prestige, now it is used as a weapon to thin out the House’s numbers.

This has a tendency of cutting both ways, as while a house may become weaker when the Imperium requires more troops, when they Imperial Fleet forgets, or gets lost, to pick up their tithe of bodies, then the House in control of the military becomes a source of incredible power and often finds itself influencing the senate to the point they can hold it to ransom.

House of Bountiful Replenishment

The House of Bountiful Replenishment controls agriculture, food processing and the general well being of the populace. On the face of it, an outsider could be forgiven for thinking that the House who is assigned this role has fallen out of favour with the House Elect.

However this is far from the truth, whoever is assigned this role not only has the portfolio’s for Farming, Food and Medical care, they also control the manufacture, distribution and allocation of Purity, a heavily distilled and extracted drink that is highly addictive and distributed in canned and also delivered in dilute form through the water pipes that supply the homes of the common man.

House of Upliftment

Where the House of Bountiful Replenishment provide Purity to dull the masses, the House of Upliftment works hand in glove with them to make sure that the populace are content, or think they are content to the point they don’t notice the grueling work hours, the terrible conditions and onerous jobs that they perform. Everything must be done to maintain a smiling, happy citizen. Propaganda, in every conceivable form is all around the average person, every day of the week, every hour of the day.

They also control the secret police, known as Upliftment Officers, to ensure that dissidents, free-thinkers and those avoiding drinking Purity are dealt with. People disappear, reappearing a few days later, with a permanently fixed smile and a middle distance gaze. It is not known how this is achieved, but highly concentrated Purity use is suspected.

House of Luxury

While the House which receives this appointment will become immeasurably more wealthy during their tenure, the mainstay of what their job is, is mining, constructing homes for the populace and exploring and expanding the warrens.

Notable Houses

House Pompey

Estimated Nobility: 25,000

Estimated Bondsmen: 1.6 x 106

Estimated Peasantry: 2.5 x 109

House Pompey has been appointed House of the Glorious Legions and House of Upliftment more often than any other house, this has meant that most noble children born into this house are educated to an exceptional standard and trained to a high standard in warfare. It’s peasants, while kept uneducated are drilled to the highest standard and trained to stand their ground, unleashing salvo after salvo at the enemy. While each house makes minor changes to their deployment and engagement decisions, House Pompey retains the standard Majestis tactical deployment strategy, mostly as it was defined by them during the Civil War for Majestis, while cut off from the Imperium.

Their force is divided by social standing, the most experienced, successful Noble with the highest standing in command, accompanied by aspiring Nobles yet to garner enough merit and standing. The next most experienced Nobles are then put in charge of the Infantry Platoons, with more aspiring Nobles, usually of a much lower standing. Merit, cunning and the ability to survive will be the only way for these young Nobles to gain command.

Bondsmen usually lead by a lesser noble, one that would not be missed by too many people of importance, take the “safer” duties of running the tanks, the artillery pieces and the heavy support.

The Infantry is made up of the more effective Peasants and Bondsmen, the sergeants usually in charge of these men have been the best and brightest during training of their fellow Bondsmen, as the engagement continues the leaders will end up being those who have done themselves proud during the fighting and lastly towards the end will be those who have survived the longest. During an engagement they are lined up into ranks, placed behind the Conscripts and lay on fire into the enemy in terrific volleys.

The peasantry who are fresh to the field from bootcamp are forced into one long line, until they create a wall of flesh against the enemy. It has been known that these lines have stretched for tens of miles and can be ten men deep. They are then told to stay still and fire in a straight line, not aiming at an enemy, just creating an impenetrable field of Lasgun fire.

Casualties in the peasant conscripts can be astronomical, but provide an effective shield for their betters.

Log; Planet Argrii. Ultima Segmentum. Planet Class: Agriworld.

Colonel Isaac Jona; 423rd Antiochian.

Personal Log, entry 2319.

“Had quite a sight today, reinforcements from Majestis, “96th Majestis-Pompey Corps”, arrived, was expecting the Emperor’s Hammer, it seems there was a mistake and we got His wallet. Every man shines like gold. At least that will draw some fire from my men.”

Personal Log, entry 2341

“So… We have been assigned to serve alongside the Majestis boys. We drew up to camp last night, even their transports shine like knives in the night. Something odd about these guardsmen, their commanders are straight enough, for nobles, but their guardsmen are… Odd.. They seem so calm, they just polishing their equipment, staring blankly. Some of my lads, who have taken to calling them gold-skins on account of their armour, tried to speak with them, freaks, they just say how beautiful the planet is, how the stars shine. This is an Emperor damned warzone!”

Personal Log, entry 2345

“First engagement with the enemy last night, damned greenskins. Not many of them, for Orks at least, means more are coming. Was wrong about the gold-skins, they were steady as a rock, just launched volley after volley. I won’t sleep much tonight, they’ll be more of them coming.

Personal Log, entry 2346

“Huge engagement with the Orks. Most of men dead, had to withdraw, didn’t want to risk losing that much ordinance to the Orks, sent fourth and eighth platoons to hold them off. The look on their faces…. they knew they weren’t coming back. Emperor protect them.”

Acting-Colonel Captain Abraham Jesuit 236th and 423rd Antiochian, assuming command from Colonel Isaac Jona on account of his death. Personal Log 1

“Ork warboss sighted, poor Isaac. Men unhappy, unnerved by Majestis men, terrified by Orks. Majestis unit has taken up a hill top position, looks like a necklace has been draped around it. On the positive, those shiney bastards provided enough cover for seventh platoon to fall back in line and not be dismembered by the Orks.”

Personal Log 6

“Maybe it’s the Orks, but these Majestis lot creep me out, just sat on that damned hill.”

Personal Log 8

“Was about to order a counter-charge, then shells screamed from the skies, wrecking the Ork main line, our boys thought the Orks had stolen some Basilisks it was that close. Do they have no respect for anyone?”

Personal Log 11

“Injur…ed, Emperor..Protect…..Company wiped out by Orks …. Orks everywhere… Gold-skin ba..stards won’t budge, they need to run… It’s ove…. They keep firing…. just firing…. I….”

Commissarial Hearing, Interrogation Session 3. Subject: Sergeant Matthias Bethlemicus.

“So Sergeant… Why did you pull back the remainder of the Company?”

“We was all but wiped out Commissah! The Orks had smashed our lines!”

“Really? So… Is that why the Majestis 96th held it until dawn, lost two in every three men and were reinforced by the 128th Byzantians?”

“No! I…. What? They lived, the gold-skin’s lived?”

“Okay then Sergeant, let’s start over…”

“Again, Sah!?”

“What was the last thing you saw?”

“Last thing I saw… Was …. A massive artillery strike coming from the hill, smashing the Orks as we pulled back.”



<Boltgun shot>


House Inquisio

Estimated Nobility: 0 – Banished

Estimated Bondsmen: 0 – Reassigned to other Houses

Estimated Peasantry: 0 – Deceased.

When the warp storms drew in the planetary governor was offworld, cutting him off from his planet. As communication with the Imperium ended, panic started and with no figure head the government was unstable. Chaos Cults sprang up left and right, mercifully never too organised for the Arbites and the local PDF to put down. What was more of a threat was that the friction between the lowest orders, the gangers and the Imperial remnants was getting worse and worse to the extent that the peasants were shooting on the gangers and the gangers were shooting on the Imperials and the Imperials were firing on everyone.

Enter Inquisitor Hendric Middlegarder, an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus who was investigating a possible major Tzeentchian cult and assisting the Aribites putting down the local cultists of less threat and now found himself in an environment unable to work. Where because he was a comparatively rich man was being attacked by everything from disenfranchised PDF to opportunistic gangers. His first step was to rally the remaining loyal forces and clear the Palace Civilis. From his new Palace he and his acolytes regained order of the loyalist faction and lead them on a bloody and short campaign that reestablished Imperial dominance on the planet’s surface and forcing the criminals and remaining hold outs of rebels down into the warrens underneath Majestis’ cities.

Realising that he may not outlive the warpstorms and the governor offworld would unlikely be able to return he established the House system in it’s infancy, where each of his acolytes took control of one element of the planets governance on a rotational basis.

After he and his remaining acolytes succumbed to old age the system slowly morphed into what it is today. Unfortunately with no Inquisitor to lead them and Middlegarder not having any children his house fell into obscurity as subsequent leaders mismanaged, misappropriated all aspects of House Inquisio.

Soon the other houses acted against them, forcing them on many tours of duty in the Imperial Guard, slashing their numbers horribly, then putting them in charge of House of Bountiful Replenishment, forcing them into the warrens where their grudges against House Inquisio ran deep. This of course went horribly well and other factions worked against them, making it seem like incompetence or worse intentional criminal behaviour.

In the end House Inquisio was cast out while their remaining leaders and the majority of their soldiers were deep in the warrens, unable to return to the surface. The last that was heard of them their leader one Dietrich Inquisio, who unfortunately showed some capability of being a leader, lead his men down into the deepest parts of the warrens and were never heard of again.

Recovered Vox Communication – Echo Echo Bravo Five. PDF.

Maximillius Archades, “Keep your eyes open peasants. This place is too quiet.”


Maximillius Archades, “All alone down here with some peasants… Great.”


Second Speaker, “Sir, I thought I heard something, over there.”

Maximillius Archades, “Three and Four, check it out.”

Three and Four in unison, “Yes, Sir.”

<Silence; 20 seconds.>

Maximillius Archades ( impatiently ), “Well? Six, go check.”

Six, “They appear to be dead sir, how sad.”

Maximillius Archades, “Wha-”



<<UNKNOWN SPEAKERS>> ( shouting ), “FOR HOUSE I…”


Purity Supplement & Purity Guardsman Standard Supplement

The mass produced and mass provided drink is the only legal beverage to consume for all Bondsmen and Peasantry, under the principle that the water on Majestis VI is reserved for the Nobility, this drink however is provided free in return, it is purified water dredged up from below the city, refined and provided to all citizens of certain birth.

What is not widely publicised is that it contains a diluted narcotic. Standard Purity Supplement makes the consumer very suggestible, calm and subservient, this has been the case since the Peasants War 2,000 years ago. Where as part of the bargain for the peasants not to be executed en masse, they were provided Purity in exchange for never drinking natural water again.

It induces a temporary euphoric state, allowing the consumer to do anything that their betters say, even if it is contrary to their own well being, however it also suppresses any desire to commit any violent or criminal acts.

Purity Guardsman Standard Supplement is provided to new Guardsmen arriving on the hellish world of Majestis IV, it provides a boost in the immune system, radiation tolerance and regeneration of the body. It also, while not an official side effect causes even further calmness and subservientness, but allows for the user to perform great acts of violence, usually suppressed by the Civilian variation of Purity. It is provided en masse to all Majestis Guardsmen regardless of where they are deployed, regardless of cost and regardless of danger. Purity Guardsman Standard Supplement has been airdropped into a battalion of Chaos Traitors and the Majestis forces have had to fight their way through the enemy lines to reclaim it. The withdrawl symptoms from Guardsman Standard is notably worse than that of regular Purity, cases of men going insane and murdering their comrades has been heard of.

Majestis IV

The start and the end ( for the survivors ) of most Majestis Guardsman regiments.

For the average citizen, Majestis IV is a far away training facility where their sons and daughters engage in a carefully planned, training regime, with full due care and attention paid to ensuring that they are trained to the highest standard while taking great care to ensure that no harm comes to them while training.

That of course is a lie, perpetrated by the House of Upliftment for the good of the Emperor, the Planet and the established houses. Majestis IV is a hellish planet where temperatures can exceed 68oC during the day and -120oC during the night. Training happens throughout this regardless of the weather. It has a thin atmosphere and it is said that breathing unaided is like breathing steam from a boiling pot. Lasgun batteries have been known to slowly recharge during the day under the extreme heat.

After a grueling few weeks of training, the survivors are then shipped off to the orbiting Imperial Fleet, who are placed in an Orbit that always keeps them in the planet’s shadow and not visible to any prying eyes on Majestis.

If any return, all Bondsmen and Peasants will find that this is as close to home as they get, a life time of Purity and staring at the shining gem that is their home. Not permitted to let anyone at home know how the galaxy really is.

Nobles are of course allowed to return home, as their Purity free life and virtual non-contact with the underclasses makes them less of a risk.

Life, Birth, Death

When every child is born they are immediately tattooed on the back of their neck with a symbol like a coat of arms which denotes House and Social Class, this allows all to be tracked and none to pretend to be someone they are not. Anyone found without a tattoo is considered a peasant and will be tattooed as one and sent to work in some of the worst conditions possible. Lowborn children are immediately given Purity to drink to ensure that the addiction to the life long drug is set in their tiny bodies.

Life for a lowborn is a grueling slog of day to day chores, if you are lucky you will become a farmer, with limited risk and an easier life. If you are unlucky you will be a miner or worse a comforter, a walking bag of skin to be used and disposed of as their patron noble wishes.

Life for a noble is a tough regime set by their House to become exactly what their House expects, which is usually a mix of Spymaster, Politician, Diplomat and Merchant. If you die on Majestis and are Lowborn your body is thrown into a great vat, which when full is launched into the sun, to ensure that the view from the Nobles palace’s are not obscured by any graveyard. If you are highborn you are most likely to be cremated and the container be cast into a massive bronze statue of yourself.

The Warrens – Majestis VI

The Warrens are so called because the compact nature of them forms curving, uneven tunnels that are prone to collapse. The reason for their existence is due to the manner in which Majestis VI’s cities have been built. In order to preserve as much land for farming and for maintaining the natural beauty of the planet, so prized by the nobility, cities are built sitting on top of older buildings, in fact the lowest floors and central part of some Noble Houses’ palaces will be the whole palace of the original Acolyte of Hendric Middlegarder. However in the persuit of political parity and influence each house continues to build around their original palace larger and larger, however they are only allowed to go so far and so they go up rather than out. This causes a crush on the smaller buildings in the area and many are crushed under the weight of the palaces. Eventually the lower-classes are entirely encased by the floor and forgotten levels of the Noble Houses’ palaces.

This has created the warrens, a crowded, tight and dangerous network full of peasants. At the same time this has been a convenient way to house the population, intentionally expanding the warrens to create living quarters.

However as this happens more and more levels sink further, creating an area so far away from the spires of the palaces that they are nearly forgotten, this has become a very useful place to dispose of unwanted human rubbish, especially if they can’t be publically killed.

This place is so deep in fact that not even Purity makes it’s way down here and there is a group of people living far below the surface who are in control of their own minds and drink water extracted from the rocks.

The Magori – Majestis IV

Outside of House control live the Magori, a group of humans who have adapted to the horrendous conditions on Majestis IV. They are not tattoed, have burnished skin, worship the Emperor and are fierce fighters. They cut Purity Guardsman Standard Supplement with deep underground salt water pools found underground on Majestis IV, somehow this extract removes the bonds of the chemical that cause subservientness and calm and just give the drinkers a propensity to violence. They are continually fighting each other and use anything they can get their hands on. While not strictly “feral” they are known to be armed with crude swords, spears as well as lasguns and stubbers they have traded with the Nobles for a treasured spice named Kara’Lak by the Magori and Majestis Blue by the Nobles who snort it.

They live in an underground pocket network of tunnels, using traded tech to condition the air to an acceptable temperature and humidity, but have learned to survive well enough outside.

They are a rare sight in the Imperial Guard, as they do not work well with standard Majestis tactics as the have a horrible habit fighting with their own units, fighting with other planets Guard regiments and breaking ranks and charging headlong into the enemy.

A known event was where a group of twenty Magori armed with swords and pistols broke ranks, charged headlong into a group of Orks and caused them to rout so quickly that the Majestis artillery spotters didn’t know what was going on and took the Magori out with their own artillery.