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The Iron Exiles are a successor chapter of the Iron Hands, founded in M38 as part of the 23rd "Sentinel" Founding. They are based in the Ultima Segmentum.


Within the Iron Hands and three of their successors ( Brazen Claws, Emperor's Shadows, Red Talons )

Within the Iron Hands and their successors, there were a group of Astartes who began to believe that they were going too far with augmentation and emotional suppression. Over time this slowly began to morph into something more ideological and the Astartes with these ideas began to also think that the pure Astartes form and the Human form in general is something to be idealised.

This became something of a problem within the Iron Hands and concerns were being raised, privately and publically, that fighting alongside brethren who did not follow the logic of the majority may mean they would not fight at peak efficiency, or worse, that it may lead to higher battlefield losses because of them.

During M38, many chapters were requested to raise new chapters, the Iron Hands were no excpetion.

The Iron Hands were then petitioned to form a new chapter and the Iron Fathers of the Great Clan Council decided that the best idea was to cut out this divergent thought into it's own group and send them far, far away.

Once formed they were sent deep into the Ultima Segmentum to guard against demons, traitors emerging from the myriad of Warp Storms in the area and the rising tide of Xenos in an area bereft of resistance.

The Forge of Angels

The Iron Exiles are based on a massive, sprawling unmoving Space Hulk that floats in the void between two systems, illuminated by only the most distant starlight. The Iron Exiles encountered The Forge of Angels while surveying potential home planet candidates by chance, they immediately halted their fleet to investigate and to ensure that the hulk was purged of all life and to investigate if there was any tech that could be claimed.

After a few years, they had cleared large parts of the Hulk and had set up a base in one of the newer ships that made up the Hulk, a Retribution class Battleship and have turned it into something of a Fortress - Monastery and have simply never left.

As of M41, they have 1/3 of the Hulk under direct control and cleared of enemies, unable to control all of the hulk due to it's size, they have sealed off most of the areas they have unmapped and not under direct control, though they often send in small groups to explore and to claim items as they slowly, methodically map the Hulk and reclaim it's secrets.

Chapter Organisation

The Iron Exiles follow a similar system to the Iron Hands and their successors and are defined by natural groupings of Astartes and not based on Company Structure and have adopted the same naming convention of Clans, though this is somewhat misleading.

On founding, each Clan was made up of it's constituent parts, one Clan being made up from the chapter they originated from. In order to prevent conflict and schisms, while maintaining a sense of control for each of the parts, the most senior member of each chapter was made a Clan Head while the Astartes from each chapter were shuffled, forcing each grouping of Astartes to integrate with each other.

Over the millennia, the groups have fully homogenised and work seamlessly as their own clans.

Chapter Recruitment

The reason for the Iron Exiles' parental view of the planets they protect, is that the planets involved have an unusually low level of mutations within their populations. The Iron Exiles protect these planets and keep outsiders away as much as possible. Each planet has a small observation team deployed to the planets in question, lead by a Chaplain.

Part of their mission is to keep an eye out for people of either sex, who are exceptionally pure and the right material, mentally and physically, to make excellent candidates for the program. They are then requisitioned and shipped back to The Forge of Angels.

Upon arrival, they are then cleaned, and all personal items are removed and destroyed, they then have all body hair removed are given clothes which bear the insignia of the Chapter. They are then moved into habitation areas of the Forge of Angels, they are given as an ideal an experience as possible and medical treatment that would be unavailable to them on their homeworlds. Every few months they are then visited by an Apothecary and servitors who then claim some genetic material from them and that is taken to the laboratories, where the Iron Exiles create selectively bread children, who are brought up by a group of individuals, humans from the planets and Astartes who wish to train and mould the children mentally and physically into ideal candidates.

Eventually, when the male children turn eight years old, they are assessed by a Clan Chaplain and group of four senior marines, they are put through rigorous testing; Physical, Mental and Genetic, to remove the weak and impure, to leave only the best candidates. They are then assigned to a marine who has or is currently serving in one of the Tactical squads within the clan and with this mentor and a group of highly trained humans from all fields deemed necessary are trained and prepared for the long road ahead as an Astartes.

The fate of failures are multitude.

They can become servants of the clan, from cleaning and maintaining the Forge of Angels, raising new children, assisting in the breeding program etc. Those who fail miserably are more often than not sent to the Apothecaries to find out what went wrong with this child, to avoid a repetition of this failure.

Female children are raised by the humans of the clan and will be used for any of the above tasks and are also, although rarely, sent to repopulate a village or town the Iron Exiles have purged back to an acceptable level of purity.

Clan Organisation

Each Clan has around 250 Astartes, but this can vary above and below this point by a small margin. Each Clan is lead by a Captain, elected by the Sergeants of the Clan, they also elect another Sergeant to be the right-hand of the Captain.

Each Clan is a self-contained unit, having Tactical Marines, Devastators, Assault Squads and Scouts. They also handle their own recruitment of both scouts and attendant staff.

Clan Gundaar

Clan Lord Gundaar

Veteran Team Alpha

Tactical Team Alpha

Devastator Team Alpha

Devastator Team Beta

Devastator Team Kappa

Assault Team Alpha


Land Raider "The Purity"

Triumvirate Systems

The Triumvirate Systems are three systems that the Iron Exiles have great influence over, they are close to The Forge of Angels and are set up as part of the four partner trading alliance, between each other and the Iron Exiles.

The Iron Exiles for their part offer support and protection for the systems, while recruiting from each of them.

Additionally the Iron Exiles provide political supervision, ensuring that the systems are governed in an overall Imperially compliant manner and in the best interests of the planets. This is strictly done unofficially, but few Imperial Governors would disagree with a Space Marine Chapter sitting on their doorstep, especially one which provides much to their systems and their reigns.

The Iron Exiles also seem to have other interests in the systems as scouts are occasionally sighted on the surface of the planets