Inquisitor Edwin

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The Scourge of Pythankia, the Farm-Born, the Harrier of Kel-Fortix, the Illiterate, the Savage.

Born into a peasant family on Angelin IV Edwin grew into his teenage years farming his father’s fields. As he reached 14 years of age (Terran Standard) he was called up to defend his lord’s land during a minor border skirmish.

Finding a talent with spear and shield he soon left his father’s farm and was trained in the arts of feudal world soldiery as a member of his lord’s small standing army.

Within a year or two he was a fully-fledged warrior and was tithed to the Angelin Retainers Imperial Guard.

Another year later and Edwin was proficient with Guard weaponry, equipment and tactics and saw action several times against the Emperor’s foes.

During the Getu System Heresy his regiment of Angelin Retainers were sent to Getu Secondus to wage war against the secessionists there.

Inquisitor Jamal Benteki of the Ordo Hereticus co-opted Edwin’s platoon as a personal bodyguard during his investigation of the secessionist’s leadership. With the Retainers beside him he uncovered the Chaos worshipping demagogue instigating the rebellion.

Inquisitor Jamal Benteki led his Retainers into the heart of the Chaos worshipper’s temple in Getu Secondus’ capital city.

Foul mutants assailed them at every corner but the Retainers protected their Inquisitor until they reached the heretic demagogue himself. After a fierce and bloody fight Inquisitor Jamal Benteki stood triumphant over the body of his adversary. Unfortunately, Edwin was the sole survivor of the Retainers’ platoon.

Edwin and the Inquisitor were both severely wounded and aided each other in their journey out of the temple and to Imperial lines.

In gratitude for this Inquisitor Jamal Benteki officially recruited Edwin, making him his bodyguard and eventually his Interrogator and successor.

Succession came during a routine investigation against a heretic cult on the planet of Terenius III. The cult proved to be nothing but spoilt aristocrats playing at worshipping false gods and were easily dismantled and dealt with. However, taking umbrage at the arrest and execution for heresy of his eldest son one of the Terenius nobility hired a killer to deal with Inquisitor Jamal Benteki.

A single bullet from the shadows during a moment of celebration ended the Inquisitor’s life.

Immediately taking his fallen master’s Inquisitorial insignia for his own Edwin led the purge on the noble families of Terenius III.

Thousands were purged for crimes against the Emperor, every noble family had their history dragged into the daylight and almost every noble family was found wanting. Those guiltiest were executed to the last man, woman and child. Those guilty of lesser crimes were sentenced to service in the Penal Legions.

This left Terenius III in a state of near anarchy. Unwilling to leave the planet in such a way Edwin then took control of the Planetary Defence Forces and re-established order, setting the PDF’s commander as the new planetary governer.

Edwin was then summoned to an Inquisitorial Conclave to explain his actions and decisions.

There he was judged to have acted appropriately and was sworn in as a full and official Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus. There too he earned his name, the Flame Bearer, for his actions in carrying the Emperor’s Light to the heretical and incompetent nobility of Terenius III.

Over the years Edwin purged many cults and executed many heretics, but his attentions were often drawn to the Adeptus Mechanicus and he soon became known as something of an expert on dealing with this most secretive of Imperial organisations.

Edwin cuts a striking and unusual figure. Tall and well-built with a shock of scraggly, dirty blonde hair and heavily bearded he looks every inch a feudal world warrior.

He habitually wears barbaric and primitive looking chainmail armour, covered in animal furs. He wields a pair of naval pistols and a brutal looking power sword. His chainmail is actually mesh armour, of advanced manufacture.

For all his strange and barbaric appearance Edwin is a canny operator, used to being underestimated. He has used this to his advantage on many occasions, especially when dealing with the Adeptus Mechanicus who are more likely than most to instantly dismiss him as a primitive fool.

Edwin retains close ties with the Imperial Guard, preferring to use them where possible. Due to his membership of the Ordo Hereticus he is also able to call upon the services of the Adepta Sororitas when needed.

Those who have seen him in action regard him as a skilled and efficient melee warrior, happy to wade into a fight. This has cost him dearly however, and despite his young age (for an Inquisitor) he is heavily scarred and has several bionic replacements. His bionics are designed to resemble the body parts they replace almost exactly, making it extremely difficult to tell what has been replaced.

His investigation style is finely tuned. He plays up to his appearance and often acts the uncouth savage to put those he investigates onto the defensive. He makes great use of his Acolytes, knowing full well they complement his skills and make up for skills he lacks.

Generally speaking he is a benevolent Inquisitor, not interested in exterminating whole populations or being antagonistic to his Acolytes. He has usually ensured that only the guilty and their immediate associates are executed.

This being said, he is an Inquisitor and is perfectly capable of being utterly ruthless when required.

He is currently considered a relatively junior Inquisitor, and some within the Ordo Hereticus dislike his methods. His enemies within the Inquisition refer to him as Edwin the Farm-Born, mocking his upbringing and supposed lack of social graces.

His interest in the Adeptus Mechanicus has been noticed by his superiors. Unbeknownst to him he is being eyed by the Ordo Mechanus as a potential recruit there, investigating the Adeptus Mechanicus full time.