Dark Heresy Campaign

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The warband travelled with Inquisitor Edwin to the main Forge-Complex of Centrix-Ferrus 0023 via Inquisitorial shuttle. During their descent into the planet’s atmosphere the shuttle was rocked by an explosion and crashed into the wastelands of the planet, far from civilisation.

Emerging from the wreckage the warband discovered that Inquisitor Edwin and the shuttle crew had all been killed in the crash.

Confused and worried the warband exited the shuttle wreckage and took their bearings… Desert, as far as the eye can see. Their dataslates and scanners were acting strangely and not reading or transmitting.

Eventually they spotted dust trails in the distance, as a small group of figures approached the crashed ship. As the figures grew closer it became apparent they were servitors, feral and in a state of disrepair.

The warband decided to hide in some nearby rocks, rather than open fire fire. The servitors proceeded to strip the crashed shuttle for parts and to ‘feed’ off the exposed power cabling of the craft. Eventually, the warband revealed themselves, only for the servitors to immediately move to attack them!

After a long and bloody fight the servitors were destroyed, but not before Akemi had taken several bullets to the chest. Luckily for her Rufus was at hand to patch her up and prevent her from bleeding out.

Several hours after the skirmish vehicles were spotted. The warband again took cover, waiting for the vehicle’s occuptants to reveal themselves. From the vehicles emerged several heavily armed and augmented Skitarii and a Tech-Priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The warband revealed themselves and were informed that their shuttle had come down due to an onboard malfunction and that the Adeptus Mechanicus had sent this group out to retrieve any survivors.

The warband were transported to the closest Forge-Complex and installed into a comfortable apartment and were informed that in the absence of their Inquisitor they did not have the authority to investigate the Adeptus Mechanicus and as such were not going to be allowed to wander freely. The Adeptus Mechanicus had requested an Inquisitorial ship to come and pick the warband up and take them home, but this could take 6 months or so to arrive.

Accepting their situation the warband were left alone, to their own devices. A while after being left alone Akemi’s dataslate chimed into life…

Inquisitor Edwin spoke through it – he explained that he had known an attempt on his life would be made so he had arranged for an ‘accident’ to make it look like he had been slain. The warband must investigate who had tried to kill him and why, and they must not be discovered! The warband were given codes to contact him, but they must only use them as a last resort – every time they communicate with him the risk of the Adeptus Mechanicus finding out grows more likely!