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Subject: Tacitus Pompey Rank: Commissar Formerly: Majestis Nobilis Minoris Born into the House Pompey, who were currently changing from being the House of the Glorious Legions. His parents Agrippina Pompey and Tiberius Pompey, were killed in service, during a raid on an Imperial Installation by Dark Eldar raiders while they were on the return trip from active service to be decommissioned as House Pomey’s time of service was coming to an end and the Imperial Guard regiment had just been dismissed from a particularly bloody war for planetary reclamation. Only Tiberius’ body was found, mutilated. Agrippina’s body was not found, presumed dead. Tacitus was now in line to inherit from his parents a substantial position within House Pompey, the house was to become the new House of Upliftment. This would give him a choice position to influence how the Upliftment Officers would function an allow him to directly influence the populace through propaganda. The issue was he was only seven Terran standard years old and required an Advocatii to be put in place. A position used to influence the child and educate them, but usually also included ensuring that the position of the Advocatii is also secured long term. However this did not happen, for some reason the date of deaths of his parents seems to have been confused as they moved from a month after the change of House to a month before.

This meant that at the time of their deaths, he would still have been part of the House required to supply troops to the Imperial Guard. This would not normally be an option for young Tacitus as normally the child would have been swiftly adopted by an aunt or uncle, to ensure that the nobilty’s lines continue, this also did not happen, for some reason instead of the paperwork being supplied to the House Elect to formalise the adoption, it ended up with the Schola Progenium. He was then enlisted in the brutal training regime of the Schola. Tacitus thrived, youthful rage was hardened into zealous discipline and ruthlessness, excelling in all trials the Schola threw at him, he passed out within the top fifth percentile of his class of 10,000 recruits, of which is his reputedly proud. What he is more proud of is the fact he is in the five percent who have not been killed in action. His first posting, a short one for a guard regiment deployment, was on Imputus IV, a small dead rock half forgotten by the Administratum. Where he was to replace a Commissar who had somehow died in a lasgun malfunction. It is noted that during an engagement with the Orks, Tacitus instilled enough zeal in his squad that one recruit ran screaming straight at a large Ork, crying for the love for the Emperor that had been instilled in him by Commissar Tacitus, the guardsman was killed instantly, but this scribe does not think that is relevant. This deployment did not last long as his regiment was rotated out and posted to Falantine IV to combat suspected Chaos influence.

Falantine VII

When the Orkish WAAAAAGH!!!!! Garaghak overran the Forsarr system the Shrine World of Falantine VII lay in its path.

A thinly defended world, home to a large memorial shrine containing the sword of Saint Melwin, Falantine VII stood no chance against the Orkish horde. Desperate the save the Imperial relics the Ecclesiarchy called to all nearby Imperial forces for aid. Unfortunately, the Imperium was in full rout and little could be spared.

Luckily for the Ecclesiarchy Inquisitor Edwin the Flame Bearer was nearby. Taking control of a nearby regiment of Tallarn Desert Raiders in full retreat he forced their young commander to move towards Falantine VII rather than away from it…

Landing on Falantine VII the Inquisitor and the Guardsmen encountered a large force of Chaos cultists taking advantage of the Imperial rout to loot the shrines of their relics.

Hacking their way through the Chaos cultist lines Inquisitor Edwin and the Guardsmen reached the shrine. The Guardsmen formed a defensive line to allow the Inquisitor time to rescue the sword of Saint Melwin.

What horrors the Inquisitor and his retinue encountered within the fallen shrine remain untold, but their simple rescue mission turned into a long and hard-fought battle.

While the Inquisitor’s mission was underway the Guardsmen held the line against impossible odds. Hundreds of Guardsmen fell, taking countless thousands of their foe with them. However… The Guardsmen’s officers fell like flies, causing discipline to erode. Soon there was just a single Lieutenant standing and his nerve cracked. Sensing his panic the remaining Guardsmen wavered until the young Commissar Tacitus Pompey stood forward. Youthful nerves had held his judgement at bay but something snapped in the young Commissar, who felt the righteous fury of the Emperor fill him. Soaring on the Emperor’s blessing Tacitus executed the wavering Lieutenant and took control, stiffening the resolve of the panicking Guardsmen.

The Guard held the line, firm beneath their Commissar’s steely gaze. By the time Inquisitor Edwin returned, bleeding but victorious, the Guardsmen were down to just two understrength squads. However, the Chaos cultists were slain to a man.

Impressed beyond words the Inquisitor ordered the men mind-wiped and sent to garrison duty on a world far from the warzone. All except the young Commissar.

Tacitus Pompey was recruited by Inquisitor Edwin, allowed to join his retinue as an acolyte.